Discover the Selection Tool

The new Refrion calculation program, designed and developed by our R&D department.

The Selection Tool allows you to choose the perfect Refrion liquid cooler for your every need, by calculating the same’s performance under the actual operating conditions.

By entering the necessary parameters into the software, all the Refrion ventilated units most suited to the specific applications will be displayed.

About us

The Selection Tool is the latest innovation created by Refrion, a group comprising highly-specialised companies that employ over 100 professionals dedicated to the manufacture of Dry Coolers, condensers and heat exchangers. The 2002-established company is a European leader in the ventilated equipment sector that offers efficiency and sustainability-oriented innovative technologies. And that’s not all. The Refrion Group owns one of the largest climatic chambers in Europe, dedicated to testing liquid coolers.

Who is it for?

The Selection Tool is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use web utility, whose application facilitates the work of designers, technical offices and professionals, thus they can choose the Refrion Dry Cooler or ventilated unit that best suits their needs.


The easy and intuitive Selection Tool is the perfect calculation tool; it helps designers and professionals identify the most suitable ventilated unit, according to
the required parameters.


With the Selection Tool, Refrion is opening the door to high schools and universities, with the aim of creating a partnership for the study of thermodynamic calculation software and to train the professionals of tomorrow.

Fields of application


Data center





Case History
Ecooler for a data center cooling system thanks to the Selection Tool
For the cooling system of a Data Center in Paris, Refrion supplied six Ecoolers with double water re
Case History
Selection Tool chooses Superjumbo units suitable for the refrigeration system of the university hospital center
For the system built for the refrigeration of the university hospital of Reims Refrion has customize
Case History
Designing with Selection Tool the ideal dry cooler for the cooling and conditioning system of an ice rink
For an ice skating rink in the municipality of Anger, it was built a large energy system necessary f
Case History
Brussels: Dry Coolers used to cool a DATA CENTRE
Year: 2019 Country: Brussels, Belgium Fields of application: Data centre cooling Model: 3 Su

The adiabatic world

Adiabatic First by nature. Refrion was one of the first companies to introduce adiabatic systems in their Dry Coolers and Condensers, with the aim of increasing the relative humidity of the air flowing through the exchanger, in order to decrease the temperature and increase the heat exchange.