Refrion is part of the Cool Generation.

Innovation, technology and excellent environmental sustainability.

This is Refrion
a company founded in 2002 that is now one of the European market leaders in the field of Dry Coolers and ventilated units.

The Refrion group – synonymous with evolution and high performance in the industrial refrigeration sector – ad-hoc designs Dry Coolers, remote condensers and heat exchangers for specific system requirements.

Refrion has chosen to build a future in which the use of high technology is aimed at the well-being of the planet. This is because Refrion believes that sustainability is a duty, not a choice. For this reason, the company designs and produces Dry Coolers that are fully environmental resource-friendly for the process and data centre cooling, industrial and commercial refrigeration, and domestic air conditioning sectors.

Refrion has opted to fully respect the environment in which we live.

That’s why Refrion is part of the Cool Generation.

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Refrion is adiabatic first

As a result of technological innovation, we have been able to make great strides and that is why Refrion was one of the first companies to introduce an adiabatic system in the design of its Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers. Available in the Hybrid Spray, Spray Adiabatic and Industrial Adiabatic versions, these standard systems or accessories for the Refrion Dry Coolers increase the relative humidity of the air flowing through the exchanger, in order to decrease the temperature and in turn, increase the heat exchange.

The adiabatic system is a green choice as it saves energy and reduces the amount of water used during the cooling process.