Adiabatic technology is an intelligent solution applied to Refrion’s Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers, which increases the relative humidity of the air passing through the heat exchanger, in order to decrease its temperature and increase the heat exchange.

There are many advantages to using an adiabatic system to pre-cool the exchanger’s intake air. For example, due to the increase in relative humidity, a cooler air temperature is obtained which consequently increases the heat exchanger’s efficiency.
The adiabatic saturation temperature is lower than the starting temperature since the evaporating water removes heat.
This process – made possible thanks to the Refrion adiabatic systems – allows an increase in relative humidity to be obtained and in some cases, even total air saturation.

Furthermore, the adiabatic technology allows for the total size of the machine to be reduced, since the decrease in air temperature increases the difference between the outlet temperature of the fluid to be cooled and the air, i.e. the cooling medium.

Lastly, the Dry Cooler-applied adiabatic system allows the former to even be used in climates with a high ambient temperature.

The Refrion adiabatic systems are available in three versions:


The heat exchange surface is cooled by directly spraying water onto the heat exchanger


The intake air is humidified by spraying water


The intake air is humidified by means of special cellulose adiabatic panels

Thanks to the new Selection Tool, you can choose the Refrion unit most suited to your system’s needs and the ideal adiabatic system for the actual working conditions.