Designing with Selection Tool the ideal dry cooler for the cooling and conditioning system of an ice rink

For an ice skating rink in the municipality of Anger, it was built a large energy system necessary for conditioning and cooling of the ice.

Refrion contributed to the supply of a double pair of dry coolers:

  • 2 Combo units;
  • 2 Superjumbo units.

These two Refrion units, selected through the exclusive Selection Tool, are necessary both for the cooling system of the ice rink and for the air conditioning and lighting system of the location.

The Combo dry coolers, with a total power of 1400 kW, ensure the conditioning of the entire space.

Superjumbo dry coolers, on the other hand, are essential for cooling and maintaining the ice sheet.

With their overall power of 1600 kw, the Superjumbo dry coolers guarantee energy reliability.

The entire project was made to measure and meets all the technical requirements in terms of performance, sound level and maximum dimensions.

The two dry coolers are equipped with the exclusive coils with oval tubes, a technology patented by Refrion that ensures very high performance thanks to the reduction of the pressure drops of the air flow passing through the heat exchanger for the reduction of friction.

The two Refrion ventilated units are equipped with the Digital Intelliboard system for remote control and diagnostics.

Finally, the dry coolers used for this project are equipped with the Strain Relief System, the exclusive Refrion system to stabilize the machines throughout their entire life cycle and avoid bending during all lifting, transport and installation movements.

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