Selection Tool chooses Superjumbo units suitable for the refrigeration system of the university hospital center

For the system built for the refrigeration of the university hospital of Reims Refrion has customized units capable of guaranteeing high performance with reduced noise.

Thanks also to the use of Selection Tool, the choice fell on six dry coolers from the Superjumbo range which, compared to other models, ensure a high heat exchange capacity with low energy consumption and sound levels.

The six dry coolers were tested in the Refrion Climatic Chamber. Thanks to the tests performed, it is possible to certify the performance of the units in the exact operating conditions defined by the customer.

The units, equipped with the industrial adiabatic system, guarantee humidification of the intake air of the ventilated appliance thanks to special adiabatic panels (Pads) which, placed in front of the heat exchangers, are uniformly wet through a special water distribution system. 

The air passing through the panels is humidified and, as as shown in the enthalpy, is lower than the outside air, thus exploiting the latent heat of the water.

The Superjumbo dry coolers are also equipped with the exclusive Refrion oval tubes technology that guarantee very high performance thanks to the low pressure drops due to their geometry.

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