Selection Tool. Fast, accurate and intuitive.

Selection Tool is Refrion’s new thermodynamic calculation programme – implemented by the R&D team – that’s based on the results of the numerous, accurate tests performed in the Refrion Climatic Chamber.

According to the required working conditions, the Selection Tool indicates the ideal ventilated unit model for any system requirement since the performance of each unit can be calculated for each speed adjustment. All the Selection Tool calculation algorithms have been developed with the aim of providing ever-reliable results in a remarkably short time.

It is extremely easy to use and intuitive: simply enter the desired parameters and the atmospheric conditions in which the Dry Cooler will operate, then the software will identify the best-suited ventilated unit for the project, from the wide range of Refrion solutions.

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The software makes extremely precise selections to meet the most varied system requirements. Furthermore, the Selection Tool is integrated with all of Refrion’s latest innovations and greenest technologies, such as adiabatic systems, standard products or accessories for the Refrion Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers, that increase the relative humidity of the air flowing through the exchanger, in order to decrease the temperature and in turn, increase the heat exchange.

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