Who is it for?

The Selection Tool is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use web utility, whose application has been designed to facilitate the work of designers, technical departments and professionals who can choose the Refrion Dry Cool or ventilated unit that best suits their needs. In fact, the Selection Tool’s thermodynamic calculations remove the margin for error and allow the user to configure – once the required working and climatic conditions have been established – the Dry Cooler or the most performing condenser.

The Refrion Selection Tool was also created to open the doors of thermodynamic calculation to the world of education. It is for this reason that Refrion collaborates with universities and high schools to introduce the new generations to this advanced calculation tool that is able to configure a Refrion unit according to the user requirements.


The Selection Tool is a true asset for professionals and technical design studios looking for a Dry Cooler or ventilated unit able to meet their liquid cooling-related needs. Simply enter the type of unit required or the working conditions, in addition to the accessories, and the software will then perform the exact thermodynamic calculation. The result: the Dry Cooler or ventilated unit most suited to your needs.


Refrion is part of the Cool Generation as it believes in the new generations and their training. It is for this reason that the company has made the Selection Tool and its expertise available, in order to encourage the “new generation” to learn about Refrion’s software and technologies used to configure its innovative and increasingly greener Dry Coolers, condensers and ventilated units.