Brussels: Dry Coolers used to cool a DATA CENTRE

Year: 2019
Country: Brussels, Belgium
Fields of application: Data centre cooling
Model: 3 Superjumbo units (EQ3C 2A90.5/2 Q U)
Power: 2 MW



The system comprising 3 Superjumbo Dry Coolers with a total power output of 2 MW, was commissioned for the Data Centre of a prestigious Belgian player in the telecommunications sector.
At the customer’s request, the 3 specially-made Superjumbos were performance-tested in the Refrion climatic chamber, before being installed on site.
As we possess one of the largest climatic chambers in Europe, we can certify the units’ performance not only under standard test conditions (EN 1048), but more specifically, under the exact customer-defined operating conditions.
The Superjumbo Dry Coolers are the most performing solution in the Refrion Dry Cooler range because they guarantee an ultra-high efficiency per occupied unit area.
The Superjumbo boasts a cooling capacity range of 158 to 2670 kW and can be fitted with between 4 and 20 fans, whose diameters can vary from 800 to 910 mm.
The Superjumbo Dry Cooler is equipped with exclusive oval tubes which guarantee ultra-high performance by means of a reduced air flow pressure drop through the heat exchangers, which in turn reduces friction.

This geometry – 31SO – improves performance by up to 15% compared to round tube geometries.
The Superjumbo Dry Coolers are also equipped with a Strain Relief System, the exclusive Refrion system designed to stabilise the machines throughout their service life, and prevent them bending during all lifting, transportation and installation operations.

There are two Superjumbo fan models to choose from:

  • AC three-phase or single-phase: the fans are thermally protected and lubricated for life, in addition to being statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Brushless EC/energy-saving: these combine excellent performance with extremely low consumption and noise levels.

The Dry Coolers can be equipped with various components which are able to further improve the capacity of the ventilated units.
Refrion – a Eurovent – certified company since 2014 – is one of the few companies in the world that offers a product testing service in their own laboratory and therefore, guarantees the performances under actual working conditions.

A service designed to protect our customers’ investments, whilst also attesting to the quality of the Refrion brand’s products.


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